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DIY Electric riding mower gas to electric conversion kit #3

$1,495.00 $1,695.00 saving $200.00
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DIY Electric riding mower gas to electric conversion kit #3

$1,495.00 $1,695.00 saving $200.00
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  DIY 24 volt lawn tractor gas to electric    conversion kit #3 

                           Kit #3 includes more powerful drive motor

                               and heavier digital speed controller

   New low price

 Kit includes:- Manual, text, pictures, drawings, and all major parts to convert a gas lawn tractor to electric, small amount of welding and some fabricating may be req depending on your model tractor, batteries and charger not included, 

note:-  Kit comes in 2 boxes,

  • A great satisfying project, you will wish you had done it sooner,
  • This electric tractor conversion will last you for years my first one is 21yrs old now and still runs like new,
  • Safety is a big part of our design, we program our controllers specifically for our kits loaded with safety features, you can even go from forward to reverse without even taking your foot of the accelerator pedal, parking brake is automatic every time you stop, releases on starting, blades stop in about 2 sec,
  • Almost no maintenance, add distilled water to standard golf-cart batteries or use maintenance free batteries, sharpen blades once year,
  • No oil, no filters, no tuneups, no belts, no pulleys, no gas, low noise, zero pollution and no starting problems,
  • Batteries last about 8yrs or longer and are completely recyclable, you even get money for trade in, even used batteries work great,
  • Recharge in 120v outlet in 4-5hrs about $0.50 for 2 acres cutting, can be charged with 24v solar panels,
  • The electric tractor can replace gas generators as a mobile power source in remote areas and emergency applications, just add an inverter for 120v AC for your home, barn, workshop or just run your power tools
  • Our components are selected for their efficiency, other conversions out there may only run for 15-20 minutes per charge, our conversion can cut as much as 2-3 acres of grass on one $.50 charge @ approx 1 acre per hr,
  • We use a 3 independent motor system, 1 for ea cutter blade and 1 for the transaxle drive, only use power as needed to do the job, and all motors stop as soon as you get off the tractor.
  • A joy to operate a great machine 

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                                      Why you should you do it!

  • Brian Edmond says it's relatively easy to convert a gasoline powered lawn tractor to electric power and mow your lawn for about $.50 per charge rather than burning several litres of gasoline and the pollution that goes with it,

    My prototype electric tractor conversion is now 21 years old and still runs like new, very few problems change battery's about 8 to 10 years,

    My electric tractor can be plugged into a standard 120 V electrical outlets or charged with solar panels, it is quiet, convenient and good for the environment the tractor runs clean without gasoline, oil, filters, pulleys, belts, tuneups, up to 2 acres of cutting grass or 8 to 10 hours pulling a trailer in the yard per 50 cent charge,

    It's amazing how it never breaks down even on the coldest winter days and needs almost no maintenance aside from blade sharpening keeping air in the tires,

    How it works in simple terms there are three electric motors one for the main drive with electronic speed control and two smaller motors mounted directly on the cutting deck with the cutter blades mounted directly on the shaft,

    Because battery runtime and safety are the most important aspects of most electric conversions I paid particular attention to the most efficient design,The cutter blades automatically adjust power required to cut the grass, and stop within about 2 seconds if rider should fall off, the main drive motor only uses enough power to overcome the rolling resistance of the tractor, it does not idle or run at full speed all the time as does a gas engine tractor, it also applies the parking brake automatically every time you stop, or if you should fall off preventing tractor roll-back on an incline, there are no gears or clutch to worry about, incredibly safe and very little wasted energy,

    Another great feature is a power inverter can be plugged into the tractor PTO socket to provide 120 V AC power for use in remote garden areas for power tools or to supply electrical power to the barn or house,

    There are two models available,

    1, Plans only model is a heavier duty design for cutting grass and also ground contact equipment such as plowing snow or gravel but does not include any parts

    2, The conversion kit is designed mainly for cutting grass and will pull a small trailer, it is easier to build and major parts are included,

  • Disclaimer  While we do our uttermost to incorporate all safety features in this design and will provide free email support for up to 2 yrs, since we have no control over the assembly or use of any d-i-y  project, so buy purchasing this kit you agree to assume responsibility to make sure your project is safe to use and meets any required safety standards

    Sincerely,  Brian Edmond


    Contact us :-     info@electrictractor.net