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48v Electric Tractor Conversion Manual and plans

$60.00 $80.00 saving $20.00
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48v Electric Tractor Conversion Manual and plans

$60.00 $80.00 saving $20.00
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                                                                                                   Electric Tractor Conversion plans,

These project plans show in detail how you can convert that old noisy warn out gas lawn tractor to an amazing clean quiet pollution free battery powered lawn tractor that you just plug into an electrical outlet to recharge, (same as electric golf-carts) that will last you for many years to come,
The manual is a digital download, a link comes straight to your mailbox, plans contains over 70 numbered pictures, an instruction manual, electrical and mechanical drawings, a list of suppliers and comes with 2-year email support incase you need help,

Mower and cutter deck, you will need a riding lawnmower with belt drive, 42 inch cutter deck with right hand side discharge chute, see my video on choosing a tractor to convert,

Power source, 48v system (4x 12v deep cycle batteries)

3  Independent 48v electric motors, one for the main drive and one each for the cutter blades,

All motors are direct drive so there are no belts or chains to wear out, no clutch or gears to operate.

Lubrication, All drive components lubricated for life there are no fluids to leak or top up!

Magnetic blade brake stops cutter blades within 2 seconds, there are no moving parts to wear out on the brake!

Transmission, fully automatic, an electronic controller is specially programmed for the tractor,

Controls, a forward and reverse switch selects direction, a foot pedal controls speeds, deceleration, braking is automatic, a foot pedal brake is also provided, there are no gears to change or clutch to operate, everything is done electronically,

Battery Charger, fully automatic, just plug in to any 110v AC outlet then forget it, recharge batteries in approximately 4-5 hrs or less with standard charger, a quicker charger can be installed as an option,
Charging batteries, approximately 52 cents per full charge. can be charged with solar panels,                                                                   
Performance up to 2 acres of grass per charge depending on condition of grass, approximately 1 acre per hour, run-time  without attachment approximately 8 hrs continuous,

Attachments, 42” cutting deck, 36” plow blade, 3pt hitch,

Why should I convert my old gas lawn tractor to battery power, my electric tractor conversion requires very little maintenance, example,
Use maintenance free batteries,
Sharpen blades once year,
Battery life 6-8 year,
My electric tractor has almost no wearable parts and very little noise or vibration,
Specs subject to change without notice,


Disclaimer  While we do our uttermost to incorporate all safety features in this design and will provide free email support for up to 2 yrs, since we have no control over the assembly or use of any d-i-y  project, so buy purchasing this kit you agree to assume responsibility to make sure your project is safe to use and meets any required safety standards

Sincerely,  Brian Edmond


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